There's a pro in everyone

When developing our products and designing our product ranges, we consistently focus on the needs of our customers: our retail partners and end consumers.

The POS concept guides the end user effortlessly from the clearly colour highlighted area of application, through the specific application case to the optimal product.

Painter's tools like a pro

  • We are constantly enhancing our decorating tools and we make it possible to achieve professional results with our product innovations.
  • In the production of our decorating tools we pay attention to sustainability and proven materials.
  • With our own production facilities and more than 125 years of experience, we stand for maximum expertise in the development and manufacture of decorating tools.

Multilevel orientation

The COLOR EXPERT colour coding system assigns clearly defined colours to the different work areas. The colours are based on our natural, familiar colour spectrum: purple, blue, green, yellow and red. The respective area of application is precisely designated and clearly defined by the colour coding. Application pictograms in the appropriate colour support the structuring of the application areas in the respective work steps.

The closer the consumer comes to the product, the greater the depth of information becomes. Targeted placement of related articles strengthens cross-selling effects.

Vertical separators
Colour-coded vertical separators guide end users to the respective application area even in narrow aisles.

The colour, text and key visuals of the headers indicate the respective product range.

Horizontal separators
Horizontal panels structure the range of products for the respective work step. The articles are divided into meaningful product segments.

COLOR EXPERT guides the end user safely on their way to the purchase decision – users are optimally supported with the ideal decorating tools for their projects.


1. Area of application
Thanks to the vertical separators, the area of application is easily and widely visible even in narrow aisles. The clear mapping between colour and area of application clearly shows your customer: "I'm in the right place". Headers reassure the customer of the application area on the module.


2. Substrate
Horizontal separators guide the end user to the right decorating tools for their particular substrate (smooth, rough, coarse). A substrate sample and the pattern roller that matches the substrate in each case give the user additional assurance when choosing the tool.


3. Quality
Better-best icons guide the end user to the product quality of their choosing.

Ergonomically optimised handling, perfect surface finish, fast working, sustainable product – our "Xpert-Icons" enable the end user to immediately see what distinguishes the respective product.

Roller does not just mean any roller, and brush does not just mean any brush – the selection is huge.  The type of substrate plays a decisive role in selecting the ideal tool. Our substrate icons make it easy for the end user to find the right product. Is the substrate smooth, rough or coarse? Your customer doesn't need to know any more than this. They simply follow the substrate icons at the POS to ensure that they always have the perfect tool for the job. And perfect results.

Smooth, rough or coarse
What is decisive for the choice of the right tool is the surface structure: smooth, rough, coarse – the substrate icons provide orientation.


The long-distance professional for all types of glazes


The bend makes the difference!


The perforating roller for easy stripping of all wallpapers


The paint roller for the perfect surface finish


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